Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Trust Me, I Can Do It Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Trust Me, I Can Do It - Essay Example Their parents took a gamble on their future that paid off immensely for their children and the future generations of their family. It was because of that risk that the families took that the future of my own family is so comfortable and promising at the moment. My parent's experience as independent foreign students in the United States helped them build their character and enhanced their decision-making skills. Needless to say, I grew up being regaled by their stories of adventure and mishaps during their time as college students in the United States and wishing to be able to experience the life-changing lessons that my parents did when they were there. Every life lesson that they wanted to teach me about they somehow managed to relate to something that transpired in their lives overseas. I was fascinated by their stories and often told them that I too wished to go to the United States when it came time for me to attend university so that I could experience life first hand the way th at they did. They were actually in total agreement with my desire to study overseas and live independently in the United States. ... Especially since they had spent all their lives shielding me from harm and the dangers of the world. I was their little girl and they wanted to protect me forever if they could. So we began to argue about where I would actually go to university. I still wanted to go overseas and they wanted me to go to a university closer to home for safety purposes. This became a serious point of discussion within our household that often times led to misunderstandings between my parents and I. I knew that I was growing up fast and I needed to flex my independent muscles if I were to become a woman of independent will, strength, and substance in China. I needed my parents to realize that sending me to a China-based university would get me the college diploma that I needed to earn the respect of my peers. But successfully completing my degree overseas would not only get me a diploma but also gain me the respect and admiration of my peers and our business partners.  Ã‚  

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